So…what is a kammok? And why do we care about it? A kammok is a camping hammock built for the individual adventurer. The kammok shown above is the ROO.

But KAMMOK™ is more than just a camping hammock. The KAMMOK™ brand was created out of a vision of a business model that could be a conduit allowing people to not only be aware of global needs, but would serve as a vehicle to help them engage needs of this world in a direct and sustainable avenue.

KAMMOK is dedicated to giving 20% of all profits to humanitarian and environmental initiatives. 

The 20% of profit that KAMMOK is dedicated to giving will take on many forms of support and aid ranging from financial help, donating KAMMOK products (and other useful products), and sustainable projects built to have long lasting economic development.

Do you have a kammok? If so, post pictures on their Facebook page of your kammoking adventures! 

To learn more about KAMMOK, please visit their website:

As always, “Purchase with Purpose” -Jahub

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